Monday, October 23, 2006

What You've Been Waiting For

Not me... because this post is a day early!! But, there are a couple of BIG offenders this week, and a few smaller offenders. Who are they? Check 'em out:

FORGOTTEN REALMS CRYSTAL SHARD #2 (OF 3) by Devil's Due Publishing. This is, I think, the final of the Forgotten Realms series they're doing, and has taken as long to get from issue 1 to 2 as it did for the first series to come out in it's totality. The 1st issue came out on 8/23/2006.

NEW AVENGERS #24, by Marvel Comics. This is a Civil War tie-in and one of the casualties of the lateness of the regular Civil War series in terms of it's lateness, or at least that's what Marvel is telling us. If it seems like a while since you've read an issue, it has been about 2 months, since #23 came out on 8/23/2006.

XENA #3 is another one of those Dynamite Entertainment books that doesn't seem to have a regular release schedule, but tries to make up for it with multiple covers - gaaaakkkk! The #2 issue shipped on 8/23/2006--seems like a date when comics stood still, doesn't it?

TAG #2 (OF 3) This is published by indy publisher Boom Studios and written by Keith Giffen. Aparently there was a brief fight with Giffen and Liefeld about who actually came up with the idea for this series, which might have been part of the delay. The #1 issue came out on 6/14/2006. It's gotten a lot of publicity because of this fight, and is supposed to be pretty good, so I'm hoping they'll do a 2nd print of #1 or at least a trade when the series ends.

SEVEN SOLDIERS #1 by DC Comics. Now, I can't seem to find the exact original date of this part of the Seven Soldiers saga, but it was a WHILE ago. Just for reference, the last Seven Soldiers book was Seven Soldiers Frankenstein #4, which arrived on 4/26/2006. Do you even remember what the story was about?

PLANETARY #26 wins the lateness award this week. Another DC book, and the second week in a row that one of writer Warren Ellis' books has been on the list. But, if you read Planetary you've been dealing with lateness for, well about 25 issues or so. I can't remember if this is the last issue, or the second to last, but the series is ending shortly. The #25 issue came out on 4/5/2006.


Michael Rawdon said...

I think Planetary actually kept to a pretty decent Bimonthly schedule for its first 12 issues or so. let me pull up my database... Well, as far as cover dates go, the first 4 issues came out monthly in 1999, and then it was approximately bimonthly through #11 in late 2000, and then the bottom dropped out.

I think the series was originally supposed to be 24 issues, but I seem to recall that it's now going to be 36 issues. I could be wrong, but certainly the second 12 issues feel like a "middle third" of a story.

It's still one of my favorite comics of the last 15 years, though. A little behind Astro City and whatever Phil Foglio is doing at any given time. :-)

Lisa said...

It is a great comic, but the lateness really hampers single issue sales. But, it does OK in graphic novel form.

I only know the book's lateness since 2004, when we opened here. It seems that many of Ellis' books start out on-time and then after a while get later and later. Not sure who's at fault, but it seems to happen to just about anything he writes, which I think is really unfortunate because he writes some great stuff.

I do get his "Bad Signal" email, and from what I can remember, he was working on the last issue at the time, about a month or so back. I can't remeber for certain, but I think it was #27 that would be the last issue-a wrap-up of sorts.