Saturday, November 11, 2006

DC Cell Phones

DC is working with a company in creating a new line of kid's mobile phones that will use DC character's images. How young is too young for a cell phone? I didn't get one until I graduated college, and then it was a huge, clunky thing in a bag that got horrible reception. I don't even think my parents let me have a real phone in my room at home until I was 12. Now there's a big market for cell phones for kids. And when I say kids, I don't mean "tweens" or "teens." We're talking 6-12 year olds. What on earth does a 6-year old need a cell phone for? Anyway, on to the information.

Firefly Mobile, the designer, developer and manufacturer of Firefly™, the industry’s first Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids™, proudly announces a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to unveil a new line of kid’s mobile phones featuring imagery of such world-renowned characters as Tweety and DC Comics’ Superman and Supergirl.

Available in mid-November, the new licensed kids phones arrive just in time for the holiday shopping season. “As we expand our distribution into the toy aisles at major national chains, retailers value the variety of options that Firefly offers,” says Patrick Marry, CEO of Firefly Mobile. “And the new character phones give children even more ways to personalize their Firefly.”

“Children between the ages of 6-12 are the fastest growing demographic of mobile phone users and we are excited to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to offer such a unique line to these young consumers and their parents,” says Marry. “The DC Comics’ characters, as well as Tweety, are recognized the world over and will add a fantastic dimension to our product offerings for eager young mobile users.”

“Firefly Mobile has created the perfect product for cost-conscious parents who seek a safe and simple way to stay connected to their children,” says Karen McTier, executive vice president of domestic licensing and worldwide marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Pairing our characters and properties with Firefly Mobile will further enhance the fun factor by appealing to kids who will already be delighted to have their very own mobile phone.”
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Yeah, that's great. And when they spend all day texting their friends and you're looking at a $500 a month bill, don't come crying to me. Maybe if I had a child of my own I'd feel differently, but for now, I don't think 6-year olds, or even 10-year olds need a cell phone. Somehow all of us lived without one for decades, I'm pretty sure this generation could somehow endure the dangers of life without one.

It actually kind of reminds me of a recent episode of the new Dr. Who series, where everyone in this parallel England all had ear buds on their heads constantly. You know what that led to? BAD THINGS: Mind control, cyber-men and eminent death. Remember that when you're handing your 6-year old a cell phone!

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