Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Gift for the Person who has Everything

So, you've got that friend or family member that is completely impossible to shop for. You know someone who seems to have everything and you just can't come up with something unique that they don't have. Well Fear Not! Now there's a company who can fix that problem!

Your friend or family member, or even YOU, yes YOU, can be made into an action figure toy!!

Yes, it's true. Now, it's not for everyone, since this one-of-a-kind item runs just shy of $600, but you can get a set for only $900.

The guys over at Highly Flammable Toys are also now making posters too. These will only run you $150 with shipping - and they look better than those ones you can have made at the fair.

It's probably too late to get one done in time for this Christmas, but you can start planning now for your fully articulated action figure set of your family and have it ready for next Christmas.

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