Saturday, December 30, 2006

Storm Troopers March!

It's just about January 1 and one of my favorite events will occur that day, and this year it has an added geek factor! I love the Rose Bowl parade. I've always enjoyed watcing parades on TV, and the Rose Parade is even cooler because all of the floats have to be made out of plant materials.

This year they're adding a geek factor to the parade, so those who never got into the Rose Parade because they were too busy watching, frame-by-frame, the newest release of the old release of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, now have a reason to watch. That's right! There will be storm troopers marching this year in the Rose Parade. I believe they're being led by their true master, George Lucas. The troopers aren't actors or employees of one of Lucas' companies either, they are true fans, members of the 501st legion. The photo above is of one of their rehearsals for the parade.

For more details and pictures, check out the 501st legion's web site by clicking here.

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