Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When Google Alerts go Bad!

In order to stay on top of comic book news I have a few Google alerts set up. They search on-line news services and send links to me via email when a story that has my keywords in it.

One of the alert keywords I have is "variant cover," because I was sick of other people knowing about variants before I did. So whenever there is news on a new variant cover I get a link to the story and can read about what the variant is.

Well, somehow porn has infiltrated my "variant cover" Google alert. Over the last two days I have been getting emails under those keywords that claim by the headline that they're either about a Manhunter comic book variant cover, or say something about Martian Manhunter making an appearance on Smallville. But, when I click on the headline to read the story I'm taken to porno sights! Imagine my dismay! I just don't know what to do, other than not click on Manhunter links under "variant cover." How long before I get similar links under "action figures" or "Marvel Comics"?? Below is an example...

Google Blogs Alert for: "variant cover"

DC Comics
Written by Marc Andreyko; Art by Javier Pina and Robin Riggs; Cover by Arthur Adams; Variant cover by Phil Jimenez. Jump aboard for a new era of MANHUNTER with the start of the 5-part story "Unleashed ... Manhunter (1986) ...
Manhunter - http://manhunter.pornoop******

edited to protect those of you who would click the link.

So, if you have Google alerts set up, you might want to proceed carefully if you see a Manhunter link. I know I will.


Mike said...


its about a gizzillion times better than g. alerts

Lisa said...

I just checked it out, Mike. It is pretty cool - plus I can just go to the site instead of having a ton of emails come in. Cool! Thanks.

Mike said...

np ;)

keep up the blog entries coming