Friday, December 08, 2006

Who Wants to be a Superhero?

Hey, does ANYONE remember this show? It was on in the fall - 6 episodes on the Sci-Fi channel. The winner, Feedback was his hero name, was supposed to get his own comic book. We ordered it in August, and the date in the Previews catalog for release was October 4, then, on the Dark Horse (this comic's publisher) web site it showed a Decmeber date. NOW the Dark Horse web site says January 10th. People asking about this comic book stopped coming in looking for it months ago. WAY TO GO Dark Horse! Something that got the non-comic book reader interested in walking into a comic book store and you show them how the comic book industry really is - LATE.


Scott King said...

The show aired this summer not fall!

man I'm surprised people are that interested in seeing comic. You should make your hubby try out for season 2! I would totally watch the show.

Lisa said...

Craig is afraid of tights, so he can't try out.

RAB said...

Wait...that's the actual cover of the comic? An awful pose and a white background?

Apart from the marketing logic that would suggest a photo cover of the guy from the show itself is the obvious way to go...even the shoestring budget of the the broadcast version managed to produce more interesting visuals. And no mention of Stan Lee on the cover at all?

Never mind the staggering lateness: even if this book had come out in a timely manner, this packaging still would be squandering all the merchandising benefits from the television tie-in.