Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Boys goes By-By?

Rumor has it that the comic book series by Garth Ennis, Boys, is being cancelled. In fact, it is to end at issue #6, which has been out a couple of weeks already. This is from - click here to read the article. Aparently DC isn't commenting, but Darick Robertson, who also owns Boys, said that they're "looking for a new home" for the series.

WIERD! I'm wondering if they're getting "oppressed" by the editors at DC/Wildstorm who won't let them get as crazy as they want.

I know there are some that LOVE this comic, and others that just aren't sure about it, and others who just can't take the extreme acts that occur in this comic book, like forced blow-jobs. Who knows what will happen and when/if we see Boys again. It's too bad, because we finally figured out how many to order.

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