Thursday, January 11, 2007

Diamond gets Another Exclusive!

And this time it's not even comic books!! I just saw a new news article on ICV2 that said that Wizkids Games, makers of Heroclix, Pirates, and a couple of others, will be ending it's relationships with all other distributors except Diamond and it's game arm, Alliance (they're both owned by the same corporation run by Steve Geppi). I can't BELIEVE this!! We used to get better pricing from other distributiors, so there will go our discounts. Plus, one of my distributors delivers and the other is fairly close to our store, so my shipping is free or very inexpensive when I order this stuff. Now the closest ship point is in Indiana, so it's going to cost me more for shipping too. And, not every game store has an account with Diamond/Alliance, so this could spell disaster, or real trouble, for those guys.

The release says:
WizKids Games is announcing today that its products will be exclusively distributed through Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Games Distributors for the hobby channel, effective immediately. Purchase orders from distributors other than those two companies for three products in the pipe will be honored if those distributors choose to receive the products: HorrorClix: The Lab Expansion Packs, DC HeroClix Origins, and Pirates of the Frozen North.

To read the entire article click here.

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