Monday, January 29, 2007

Planet of the... Mice?

First we had Mickey and Minnie - adorable mice that entertain children of all ages. Now, mice are becoming what zombies were last year in the comic book world.

Mouse Guard, created by David Peterson, tells the tales of mice trying to survive in a harsh world, and what they do to survive. It has attained a level of success that most, including Peterson, did not expect. The series is wrapping up, and will soon be collected in trade paperback, with toys soon to follow. And who knows, maybe a Mouse Guard vol. 2.

Now, Mike Oeming is writing his own Mouse book, The Mice Templar. This new mouse book is an epic fantasy story, similar in some ways, according to Oeming, to Lord of the Rings. Don't think that Oeming decided that with Mouse Guard popular, and finished, the thought he'd make up his own mouse story. Aparently he's been working on this since before he was doing comic books. Now, that doesn't mean that his decision to release it now wasn't, at least in part, influenced by Mouse Guard's success, but I don't know that for sure. One way or the other, this looks like it could be another fun mouse adventure.

Now, we just need Mighty Mouse to come back!

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