Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Day

It's my Sunday to work today. (Craig and I alternate Sundays since it's a short day, so we get a break once in a while) Of course this would be the Sunday when it would snow. It had already started when I got up to let my dog out at 6 am, (she was crying to go out, and once she came back in we both went back to bed) and when I got up for the day at 8:30 am it was still snowing. It has gotten heavier and lighter throughout the day, but hasn't really stopped. The drive here was a bit slippery as I took side streets that were not plowed in some spots. But I made it safe and sound. Thank goodness for 4-Wheel Drive! As you can see from the photo, our snow removal crew is out cleaning off the sidewalk.

Unfortunately the snow tends to make it a slow day here at the store. I have only seen a few people, but I did get some good projects finally finished and have found a new one I can use to distract myself when no one is here. It is supposed to keep snowing until about 3 pm or so, and we close at 4 pm, so I guess it will be a quiet snow-day here. Thank goodness Friday and Saturday were unusually busy - I guess people were prepared and shopped earlier.

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