Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Entertainment News

Just a couple of entertainment news bites I thought I'd share...

Mark Stephen Johnson has finished his first draft of the Preacher TV show HBO has purchased. No word yet on who will star or when this might air. Click here to read article.

Positive review of the first Hellboy animated movie called Sword of Storms
. This DVD releases Feb. 6th and we'll have a few in-stock for purchase. According to the reviewer, it combines Japanese action sequence with Hellboy mythology and takes a great deal of its style from the live-action Guillermo del Torro's movie, including using some of the actors like Ron Perlman and Selma Blair for the voices of their characters. I think Hellboy fans will enjoy this!

Another article, this one in the LA Times on-line, discusses the upcoming "300" movie and compares panels of the graphic novel with frames from the movie. Click here to see them - pretty cool.

Tomorrow night (1/18) on Smallville we see an early Justice League! I'm a fan of the show and very excited for this episode. Personally I'd be fine if next season they just stopped Smallville and kept some of these same characters and made a JLA show. Click here to see photos of some of tomorrow night's action - SPOILERS.


Benjamin said...

I love the caption under the first Smallville/JLA picture: Two Aquamen and Kid Flash.

Kinda bummed still that Mercy Reef never got past the pilot - but the resulting Young JLA is super cool!

I'd rather see THAT get made into a show! Think of all the multi-character programs that are kicking serious butt today!! A Young JLA would be a GREAT addition!

Lisa said...

I TOTALLY AGREE! You're a writer Ben, write a pilot script for that! I think it would be the perfect evolution of Smallville and would still be a good fit for the other programing they show on CW.

Benjamin said...


If you've got connections to the good folks at the CW, I'm game!