Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

So, we're back on the regular shipping schedule, so books will, or at least should, arrive on Wednesday. I hear that folks on the West Coast are still hit-or-miss on a few titles, but not like it's been the last couple of weeks. There weren't too many books that people have been waiting a long time for this week. In fact, I had at LEAST 5 books that are shipping this week where the previous issue shipped a couple of weeks ago! Wolverine Origins #10 is one good example. We just received #9 back on December 28th. One thing to understand is that these comics are not necessarily late - they are just books that have taken longer than a month to come out. Some ARE late, and some are on time, I just list them because YOU'VE BEEN WAITING!

Were you starting to wonder if your comic book shop forgot to pull the last issue of Runaways for you? Rightly so! Not because they did, but because issue #22 came out 11/22/06. While this isn't horribly late, it has been a couple of extra weeks more than it should be between issues. I hate to say this, but be prepared for continued lateness on this comic book in the future. Joss Whedon will be doing a short story arc for Runaways starting with issue #24, and while his stories are usually quite good, they also tend to run behind schedule. Of course I could be wrong - maybe Marvel has had him working on these since it was announced several months ago and he's just about got them finished. That would be the RIGHT way for Marvel to have handled this. I am not sure how they actually DID handle it, so we'll have to wait and see - wait being the operative word.

Remember last week when I wasn't sure if Soulfire Chaos Reign was late or not? Well, another Aspen Comics book is on the list today and I am in a similar situation. Maybe this is late, maybe it's right on time. Either way, Shrugged #3 arrived 11/1/06 and #4 is finally arriving this week.

The worst of the worst, the latest of the late this week is Cryptics #2. If you picked up #1 you probably figured it was a one-shot by now, since it came out 7/12/06.

There you go! Enjoy your comics this week. Based on my invoice it's a smaller week than the last couple have been.

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