Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Welcome! Once again this week I'm pointing out to you, faithful blog readers, the comics that I'm getting in tomorrow that have taken longer than a month between issues. You should know that they might not be LATE--sometimes creators and publishers have gaps in between issues that are longer than a month.

Lets start with DC's Ex Machina #26 and Image's Hunter Killer #11. These two comics are not overly delayed, but I do think that they're running late. The last issues of both of these came out 12/13/06. Both of these comics have faced lateness issues in the past, and it looks like those continue.

Walking Dead #34 comes out tomorrow. That comic book is another that is chronically late. Sometimes the issues come out close together and I think FINALLY they've got their act together. But then the next issue will take two months to come out. *sigh* the fun of being a comic book retailer at a time when publishers seem to think that "Periodical" means periodically - every once in a while intermittently, instead of on regular, recurring intervals. Issue #33 of Walking Dead came out 12/6/06.

The Wildstorm re-launch has been fairly disapointing, especially with the release schedules on the comics. More about that when Wildcats #2 finally shows up... Deathblow #3 arrives this week after a two-month break. Issue #2 came out on 11/29/06.

Finally, the longest wait for the month is for Kabuki #8. This is another book constantly plagued by lateness. Every month or two Marvel will readjust it's release date, moving it back again and again. So yes, this one is, without a doubt, late. Issue #7 hit shelves on 8/30/06 - 5 months ago. I think when this series started we'd just been open a short time. That was back in 2004! In three years they've managed to get out 8 issues. The people who originally bought this comic from us back when it started don't even live in the area any more - they were mainly college students after all.

Let me just say that this is a pretty skimpy week for comics! January overall has been kind of a disapointment, but this week is pretty, well...weak. Civil War #7 was supposed to arrive today, which could have saved the week, but of course Marvel pushed that back another month.

This week I'm reading:
52 Week 39
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #4
Deathblow #3
Elephantmen #6
Jack of Fables #7
Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham
Wonderlost #1

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