Monday, January 22, 2007

Wizard Movie Returns

I know that there are people who shop at non-Neptune comic book stores. This post is for you. Remind your local comic book shop to return any unsold copies of the Wizard 2007 Movie Spectacular!

This is VERY important because these were NOT ordered by retailers. That's right! For at least the third year in a row now Wizard and Diamond decided to just send these magazines to retailers and not even give retailers the chance to increase or decrease the number before they show up at our doors. Now, let me ad that this would be EASY for them to fix-they could just get the dang magazine into the Previews catalog. Like I said, this is not the first time they've done it, so it's not like they just throw this together at the last minute. Or, even if they did throw it in at the last minute, there is Diamond's weekly Previews Plus that they email, post on the Diamond web site and mail in our weekly order, that contains last minute changes and updates. But see, if they did this, they know they wouldn't get rid of as many copies of the darn thing because stores wouldn't buy as many, if any. Historically at Neptune we only sell about 1/2 of what they send of these, since they base the number they send on how many copies we order of the monthly Wizard (this is a special that comes in-between regular issues). PLUS having these between regular issues of Wizard seems to hurt the sales of the regular Wizards right before and after this shows up. They justify sending us stuff we didn't order by saying that they aren't charging us. We have a window to return unsold copies and then once that window closes we are charged for those we did not return.

Retailers have until 2/16/07 to send back the unsold covers of these Wizard magazines. If you care about the welfare of your local retailer, remind them that they need to send these back. If you blog, post the information or a link to this post - we need to spread the word and get every penny back to retailers that they have coming to them.

We only have to send the covers back, and I am half tempted to send the coverless magazines back to Wizard with a note that they shouldn't send unsolicited magazines to my store.


Heidi Meeley said...

Jeez Lisa, that is the pits. What utter balls to send an unsolicited book like that.

Do you sell any copies? Or does it just sit?

Thank you for the information!

Lisa said...

Heidi - we usually sell about 1/2 of what we sell of the regular Wizard. This has been the case EVERY year they've pulled this stunt. We only sell them to the very hard-core movie and Wizard fans. Everyone else, and rightly so, figures there isn't anything in the magazine they can't find on-line, and saves the $6 for something else.

It's sad, but the first year they pulled this retailers were really angry and caused a rucus, then the next year Wizard/Diamond did it AGAIN and this time there was less retailer noise about it. This year there was barely a peep! I have been going around on-line trying to remind retailers to send every single unsold copy back in the hope that Wizard/Diamond won't profit off of someone not noticing that they were returnable (since Wizard usually isn't).