Thursday, February 15, 2007

300 Pre-Screening

Right now we've got an advanced screening of the 300 movie, based on the Frank Miller book of the same name, in the works!!

If you have seen anything on this movie at all, you can understand why I'm so very excited. One of my fellow Blogger friends, Jim, just saw it and said it was AWESOME, actually he said it was better than awesome.

We're going to do this as a cooperative effort with another comic book store, Lost World of Wonders. Basically we split the cost of the ad and split the movie passes. Then the Onion Newspaper is going to get the whole thing up and running and the ads will run in their Milwaukee version of the newspaper letting people know they can come to our stores to get the movie passes.

This is not absolutely 100% yet - the Onion rep still has to get final confirmation from Warner Brothers. So, I don't have a date or time for it. But, the Onion rep sounded pretty confident that they could pull this together. I hope it all pans out because I think a pre-screening of 300 would be AWESOME for our customers and others who live in the area and should be customers, and of course ME.

Edited: THIS IS NOW DEFINATE! March 6th at 7:30 pm at the AMC Theater in Mayfair Mall (you might want to bring your pepper-spray).

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