Thursday, February 22, 2007

Civil War Alternate Ending

Guest post by Scott King on the Civil War ending Marvel refused to use:

Scott King’s Much Cooler Way to have Ended Marvel’s Civil War:

Without any other way to settle the conflict, Iron Man and Captain America decide to have a dance-off and since they needed impartial judges they use Blink to teleport them to the real world. Once here they talk to some Hollywood producers at Fox and ABC to do a first every cross-network-reality-show-crossover! The dance off commences with “Dancing with the Stars” format while being judged by American Idol’s Randy, Simon and Paula. At first Captain America does well, the fox trot and several other dances invented prior to World War II earn him hire scores with the judges. However, Tony’s ability to pull off a retro-disco-hip-hop one two step puts him in lead. The two then square off in a dancing duel (which is seen on the cover of Civil War #7). Tony’s whips out the hustle and Capt struggles to defend himself, and then using his suit, Tony does a wicked Robot that earn him Simon’s praises. Defeated, Captain America quits the super-hero biz and becomes the newest employee at Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch.

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Anonymous said...

man that scott king guy is realllyyyyyyyyyy funny!

scott king said...

gee' thanks mr. anonymous person.

Anonymous said...

He is not funny. Captain America's dancing was not funny. Life is not funny. -- Simon