Monday, February 12, 2007

Jeep/Marvel Comics

It's good to see Marvel doing some different marketing to promote themselves as a comic book publisher. They are currently doing a project with Jeep to create a comic book that also promotes the new Jeep Patriot. People can send in ideas for the comic book and each day, page by page, the comic book comes to life. Click here to check it out.

I do wish Marvel would do more fun promotions like this that were geared more to the direct market (comic book retail stores). I've heard stories from other retailers about "back in the day" when DC would bring the Batmobile out to shopping malls and Marvel would have their characters visit store for free (now they charge $2600). But it's good to see them trying new things. They did the co-promotion with Guiding Light, which I don't really think did anything for our sales, but was still a neat idea. Now this. I guess anything that helps main-stream comics into the pop-culture is good for business.

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