Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman

I just received an email from the creator of The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman. In the email there is a link for the full first issue. I didn't have the time to read it completely, but I did flip over the pics and it looks like a fun comic. It's an all-age adventure with some funny characters and fun/clean art. For those of you looking for something fun, I say give it a try.

It is bi-monthly and they claim to have first three issues completely finished already so that it can stay on this schedule.

Issue #1 pits the unlikely hero against the nefarious schemes of The Jolly Roger, head of The Jolly Roger Candy Corporation. Once again The Jolly Roger has attempted to steal the Ancient Aztec Recipe for the Gumdrop and it is up to STYKMAN™ (so he thinks) to stop him.
Issue #2 A Tale of Two Bathrooms - An urgent message has been sent to our hero from an apparent Damsel in Distress. The sinister seductress LUCY FURR bewitches STYKMAN™ into helping her retrieve a most precious item. Watch in astonishment as our fledgling "Good Guy" helps a really "Bad Girl" locate something she's not supposed to have.

Click here to go to their web site and check out the first few pages of the first issue.

If you like it - it's in the February Previews, so pre-orders on it are do soon.

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