Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

I hope everyone had fun reading Craig's posts - he hijacked my blog on Friday when I stayed at home. He doesn't like typing and stuff, so I was surprised to see him post.

But now I'm back and ready to fill you in on what comics you've been waiting over a month for. Keep in mind that not all of these are running late - some may just be scheduled with longer gaps between issues.

Wonder Man #3 (Marvel), Runaways #24 (Marvel) and Batman Confidential #3 (DC) all had the previous issues come out 1/10/07 - which was my cutoff for this week. So they come in as the least late comics (yes, I do believe these 3 are actually late). Runaways fans - it will be interesting to see how the title does starting with the next issue, written by Joss Whedon. He's only doing one story arc, and claims that he's pretty far along with it, so hopefully it won't run too late. This could be his chance to prove that he can put out a monthly comic.

Fear Agent #11 (Image), Exterminators #14 (DC) and Civil War Front Line #11 (Marvel) all had their previous issues that hit my shelves on 1/4/07. I believe all of these are also late. Front Line due to the delays on the main Civil War title. As for the rest - sorry but I have no excuses for them.

Bart Simpson Comics #34 (Bongo), Justice #10 (DC) and Okko Cycle of Water #2 (ASP) all had last issues come out exactly 2 months ago: 12/28/06. These three I believe are not late, but were scheduled to be every-other-month comics. That makes them exactly on-time.

However, there is one comic that had its previous issue arrive on 12/28 that is late. It's Marvel 1602 Fantastic Four #5 (Marvel). This is the final issue of the series, and I'm pretty sure the rest all came out monthly. It is baffling to think that somehow Marvel could get the other 4 issues of a mini-series out basically on-time, but then let the last one slip. Unless it was some kind of printing error, I do not understand why they cannot get a mini-series out on a regular schedule. Especially one like this, that is completely unrelated to every other Marvel comic book being published. The five issues should have been done, or just about, before it even showed up in the Previews catalog.

Iron Man #15 (Marvel) is another victim of the lateness of Civil War - or at least that's what they're telling me. According to the Marvel company line, this is a very key issue in the whole Civil War aftermath, which they're calling "The Initiative." Apparently everyone who picked up the Civil War crossovers simply MUST get this issue in order for their lives to continue forward. Anyway, the previous issue came out 12/20/06.

DC wins the award for latest comic book this week, with Firestorm The Nuclear Man #33. Again, I'm not sure what happened to cause this delay, but the previous issue came out on 12/13/06. Edited - this apparently is NOT late. Thanks James!

What I'm Reading This Week
52 WEEK #43
IRON MAN #15 - yeah, I'm falling for it
JUSTICE #10 (OF 12)

--plus I'm way behind on last week's comics, and there are a few trades I want to check out. Last week was such a good week at the store I was too busy to get much reading done, and I was off Friday - Sunday, then Monday we had to do the Diamond order and then I did an interview with Vaneta Rogers from Newarama on digital comics... so I just haven't had time to read much from last week.

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James Meeley said...

Actually, lisa, Firestorm isn't late. There was no issue scheduled for January release. #33 is coming out when it is supposed to (or, at least, the MONTH it is supposed to).

I hate lateness as much as anyone, but I can't fault DC on this one, because they actually didn't do anything wrong (this time).