Wednesday, February 07, 2007

W.O.W. Mania Continues

First it was an RPG, then a MMORPG, later a board game, then a CCG. Now DC's making action figures of the World of Warcraft characters too. I mentioned a while back that the World of Warcraft collectable card game was selling like crack. Well, it cools off sometimes, and then picks right back up. We've sold more boxes of this first set than we ever have of any other card game so far. People come in and buy two or three booster boxes at a time. Plus there's the raid decks - we've sold out of those three times already. Anyway - back to the point... DC, who has primarily made their toys available to the "direct market" (comic book & other specialty stores, not Wal-Mart and Target) via their DC Direct, seems to have found out that they could make even more cash if they created a line to sell toys to the masses. Their first "for the masses" toy line will feature characters from the World of Warcraft.

"DC Unlimited ' s World of Warcraft collectibles will include PVC vinyl, scaled and articulated figures varying in size. The initial launch will feature a four-figure assortment of 5-8-inch figures, with an additional two-figure set of two 10-12-inch deluxe figures covering the larger characters.

The initial set of figures will include a Blood Elf Rogue, Orc Shaman, Undead Warlock and Dwarf Warrior. The deluxe figures will include a Draenei Paladin and Illidan Stormrage. The first wave of figures is slated to hit comic book, pop culture, mass market, specialty and toy retailers in Fall 2007."

Click here to read the full press release.

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