Thursday, March 01, 2007

Artist Mike Norton goes Exclusive With DC

I know this news is a little old now - NYCC news, but since Mike's a cool guy and he's doing a signing at our stosre, I wanted to put the news out on my blog. He's now a DC only guy.

Mike's been doing art on "The Atom" series for a couple of issues, and it sounds like he's doing to be doing more of that. As for what else he might do for DC, we'll have to wait. Click here to find out how he ended up at DC and his work on "The Atom".

In the past he worked with another great guy and friend of the store, Sean McKeever, on The Waiting Place, Gravity and an arc of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man. (Thats Sean and Mike in the above photo.) He has also done all kinds of other fill-in stuff like a few issues of Teen Titans Go, New X-Men and Runaways. I'm glad to see him exclusive with DC--hopefully that means he'll get a regular book or two.

Check out his web site to learn more about Mike and see some of his art. He's a great artist -- seems very meticulous about lines and perspective.

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