Friday, March 16, 2007

Cap Survey

Everyone has been discussing, both in the store and on the internet, if Steve Rogers is really dead and how long he will be dead. Marvel has said he's dead for the forseable future, but they also are continuing the Captain America comic book. Is he dead? Will he stay dead? Will there be a different man in the Captain America suit? Share your opinions!


Scott King said...

Judging from the rest of the current run it seems like they've been setting up Bucky to become the new Cap. They'll probbally have someone else try to fill the shoes, but it will piss off Bucky who will then have to step up and fill them himself. ...then Cap's death will probbally last a few years before they bring him back.

Bradley316 said...

Captain America will only stay dead until Marvel decides to bring him back in a grand attempt at making money off it.