Thursday, March 15, 2007

Captain America buying requirements

I saw this on Johanna Carlson's blog, Comics Worth Reading (link on right) and so I had to go to John Kovalic's Dork Tower web site and see it for myself. Click on the image to make it bigger, or just head to the Dork Tower site by clicking here.

Pretty funny! It might just come to that here as the list of people wanting the Death of Steve Rogers issue continues to grow at a rate 3 times larger than the rate in which we've been able to accrue additional 1st print copies.

Yes, we DID get more, by the way, but they're all claimed at this point. However, the second print, Marvel says, will arrive March 28th. Oh, and you won't be buying a condo in aspen with the issue in 10 years, even if it is a first print. So if that was in your plans you might want to scrap them right now. Maybe the issue will buy you a pair of socks in 10 years, depending upon the rising cost of cotton.

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