Saturday, March 17, 2007

People are Strange

Today, while at the store, I looked out the window and saw this bright green, I mean BRIGHT NEON green pick up truck pull in. It's jacked up on oversized tires and stuff, and is almost entirely this bright neon green color. I laughed because the driver jumps out and I see that he is wearing a bandanna that matches his truck.

A couple of kids jump out too, and come into the store. The two kids are complete opposites - a shorter overweight boy and a taller very thin boy. The short boy talks to himself and the other boy, basically mumbling the entire half hour they are in the store. While the tall boy basically stands in almost the same spot the whole time, looking around like he's stoned. The driver of the truck comes into the store to "make sure everyone's having a good time," and I see he is also wearing a neon green t-shirt under his jacket, and neon green shoes too. WOW! That's a lot of clothing matching one's vehicle!

Then the driver leaves and the boys continue to move slowly through the store, never responding to our questions, the short boy mumbling and the tall boy looking right through whatever he's staring at. Like I said, they were in the store for at least 1/2 hour, and of course didn't buy anything. The driver of the truck was back inside his neon vehicle within 10 minutes and didn't come to get the boys, he just hung out in his fancy neon green jacked up truck that matched his do-rag, shirt and shoes. I thought the whole thing was kind of strange!

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