Friday, March 23, 2007

Scott McCloud's 50-State Tour

We just got a last-minute call from Scott McCloud asking us if we would be willing to host him at the store for his 50-state tour. We will be his only comic book store stop in the entire state, as well as his only stop in southeast Wisconsin.

Scott McCloud is a comic book creator known for his books, "Understanding Comics," "Reinventing Comics," and his newest book, "Making Comics." He also has web comics and other fun stuff. You can learn more about Scott on his web site, so click here.

We were referred to him by other comic book stores, so that's quite an honor! He is coming April 28th at 2 pm. It will start with a Q&A and then he will be open to one-on-one conversations and signing copies of his books.

PLEASE spred the word!! Since we're one of his only stops in the entire state, and it's coming up in a month, we need everyone's help getting the word out in the area.


Benson said...



I've gotta find a way to get back for that...

James Meeley said...


Congratz on this. Now this is one "prize" that is worth being happy to have won. :) please make sure to let all of us here know how the visit goes.

Jeff Sonnentag said...

Very Cool....
Welcom eto the BIG TIME