Thursday, March 08, 2007


Lex and Lana are getting married. Click here for the photo gallery.

This episode will air next week, March 15th. Sorry Lois fans, Erica won't be in this episode. According to KryptonSite, the episode is seen from the view points of Clark Lana and Lex. Also, it is rumored that Lionel tells Lana that he knows Clark's secret and will kill Clark if Lana doesn't marry Lex. The Luthor physician threatens Lex that he's going to tell Lana the "secret" about her baby.

Now for the good news for Lois fans - it looks like she'll be the main character in the next episode on the 22nd. Oh, and she's wearing skin-tight red vinyl and shows some skin too. Clark has his "red Kryptonite" jacket on, so either he's rebelling because Lana got married or he's got the ring on again. Click here to see photos from this episode.

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