Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Welcome one and all to another installment of my weekly post on comics that have taken a while between issues. Some of the comics are late, some are on schedule but do not ship every month. Either way, you've been waiting patiently for them.

Hunter Killer (Image) is back to being late again. There were a couple of issues that came out with barely a month between them. Issue #12 comes out this week, with the previous issue having come out on 1/31. It doesn't even seem too bad, except that we ordered it back in September.

Three comics coming out this week had their previous issues hit shelves on 1/24/07 - almost exactly 2 months ago: Witchblade #104 (Image), which I thought maybe was going with an every-other-month ship, except that I can see I ordered it last October. Futurama #30 (Bongo) which I believe IS an every-other-month comic book. Fathom Kiani #1 (Aspen) had a #0 issue that came out 1/24 and based on when I ordered this, I don't think it's late.

Superman Confidential #4 (DC) went strangely long in between issues. Issue #3 came out 1/4, and I ordered this issue back in December and according to my DC weekly email this issue was supposed to arrive 2/7.

Gargoyles #3 was a little better at coming out than issue #2 was. If I remember correctly there was a gap of over 4 months between issue #1 & #2. Gargoyles #2 came out 12/13/06 and was ordered last September. It's too bad because this book might have a decent fan following if it came out more frequently.

Can it be? Am I right? Marvel does not have a single book on my list this week???

This week I'm reading:
52 WEEK #47
DMZ #17

WOW - that's a short list. I do have a few still to catch up on from the last couple of weeks, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get caught up. But, I do want to write a new Sequart column and I have to work on my Spider-Man presentation that I'm giving at the Brookfield Library in April, so we'll see what I actually get done.

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