Monday, March 05, 2007

The Year of the Avenger

It seems that this year is the Year of the Avenger in comic book land. Wednesday will see the premiere of Mighty Avengers, plus we've already got the New Avengers. There's even a Marvel Age New Avengers series. A couple of Avengers mini-series just ended. Oh, and let's not forget the two Avengers animated D2DVD movies that have already been released. Yes, if you are an Avenger this year you'll get plenty of work and be on 90% of Marvel's comic book covers.

In the fall out of Civil War they're doing Avengers: the Initiative. It was just announced that that mini series will now be an ongoing series. Made for all of us who think that there just isn't enough Avengers material out there.

The release: "The upcoming Avengers: The Initiative limited series has been changed to an ongoing series, adding a third Marvel Universe proper ongoing Avengers title to their line-up.

“With the reader and retailer reaction to the climax of Civil War, and the general interest in precisely what comes next for Tony Stark’s Fifty State Initiative, it only made sense to us to promote Avengers The Initiative to a full ongoing series, rather than just a limited," said Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in an announcement. "The number of story possibilities set in place by the new status quo of the Marvel Universe are almost endless, and we’re sure that fans will want to experience them all along with writer Dan Slott and artist Stefano Caselli.”

Issue #1 is scheduled to come out April 4th.


Jeff Sonnentag said...

Hi Lisa,
Sign me up for the Initative series, looks pretty good. I have never been a huge Avengers fan but in my "twilight years" I find this team more satisfying than my old fave the X-men. The ability to add and subtract team members , who don't require a mutant ability, is exciting and keeps these books fresh.(Don't forget the upcoming Ironman movie in the works!)
BTW: I think the two graphics on the covers are reversed. I believe the intent of the art was to forma triangle with Ironman at the front corner.

Lisa said...

You got it Jeff.