Monday, April 23, 2007

Heroes Spoof Comic

A publisher called Parody Press Comics, is doing a comic book that spoofs the hit TV series Heroes. (Tonight the show returns for it's last 5 episodes!)

The comic book will be called Hewoes, and the first issue will have two covers, one showing the "good hewoes" and the other of the "bad hewoes." It is expected to hit shelves sometime this July.

According to the press release:
"When cheerleader Klair Bendit discovers her weird flexibility powers playing Twister and her dad's secret project involving strangers from around the world, the fun begins," said Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Don Chin. "Bill Maus has a keen eye at poking fun at pop culture, and his art style on this book is much in the vein of the classic Mad Magazine satires, complete with grey art tones and square word balloons."

"In Hewoes, readers will be introduced to the enigmatic Pastrami brothers, Internet Weathergirl Sniki Sanders, constipated Japanese office worker Hewoe, and Mohinder Night Shalaman, who is trying to make sense of the whole thing while a berserk hairdresser named Styler is on the rampage!"

Here's the link to Parody Press' web site
And here's the article's link.

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