Friday, April 06, 2007

Looking for Something To Do?

If you have some time off of work these next few days, here are some things you can do:

1. Listen to the Fanboy Radio Podcast interview with Grant Morrison. Morrison talks about his current projects and some upcoming stuff too.

2. Make your own Battlestar Galactica video. You can use the BSG Video Toolkit. They'll even put it on their web site! I might have to get out my BSG minimates and do one.

3. Play the Area 51 video game - Grant Morrison is reported to be writing a screen play for a movie based on the game.

4. Birds of Prey - Gail Simone's off - Sean McKeever's on. Didn't know? It's true. Read about it here.

5. Watch the premiere of NBC's new comedy, "Thank God You're Here." Did you forget to watch it or record it? Fear not - it's on line.

6. Kids bored? Have them write and perform an original song about why Pop Rocks are the best candy ever. The winner gets a Pop Rocks satin jacket.

There you go - some fun stuff to do.

Happy Easter!


Scott King said...

"Thank God Your Funny" premiers THIS Monday. So its not possible for anyone to have missed it yet. The online is a sneak peak :P

Lisa said...

OHhhhhhhhh... Well then everyone should add to the list - Read Scott King's Blog and know what's REALLY going on in the entertainment world.

Scott King said...

Entertainment world... ehhh. TV yeah! I'm sooo a TV slut. Oh man with all drama today, I forgot to ask, HOW F*ing awsome was last night's "The Office?" I swear I almost peed myself durring the opening!