Saturday, April 14, 2007

Painkiller Jane TV Show

Did anyone watch the pilot of the Painkiller Jane show on SciFi? What did you think?

I liked the comic book, and I think the premise of the show is good. This could really be a decent series. However, I wasn't 100% into the pilot last night. I felt that it got off to a slow start, but did finally pick up at the end. And I wasn't entirely happy with the acting. Kristianna Loken is not only the co-executive producer of the show, she also plays the star, Jane Vasko. Maybe she should focus on just one of them. I just felt like Jane was pretty one-dimensional and should have been different - darker or grittier or tougher - something. She just didn't pull of the Jane I thought of when reading the comics. It wasn't horrible, mind you, but I think if she were more gritty and tough I'd have enjoyed it better. The show is dark and gritty, and I think Jane should reflect that, but she came across as too soft to me.

I'll probably watch another episode or two, and see if she toughens up at all and if I like the show better as it develops or if it becomes boring. If you missed the pilot check the station's schedule. I'm sure they'll be showing it again a couple of times before the next episode next week.


Shelly said...

I'd watched the tv movie a few months ago, so that was in my head when I watched the episode last night. I think I like the other actress better. It was hard to not compare. It was entertaining, mostly, so I'll keep watching it and see if it gets better. I think I was hoping there'd be more about why she's the way she is in the first episode.

Lisa said...

Shelly - I read the Sci Fi channel magazine the other day and according to that part of the show's plot is going to be Jane's struggle to find out why she is the way she is. Is she a neo? Is she someting else? Should she be hunted too instead of being a hunter?

So I guess from that we may never really know why she is the way she is, or it will, at the very least, take several episodes to give us some kind of answer.

Shelly said...

Interesting. Thanks, Lisa. With so many shows like that these days, the big mystery factor, I think I'd prefer they did it the other way, her knowing and just having adventures.