Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scott McCloud's 50-State Tour

It's only a week and a half until Scott McCloud makes his Wisconsin visit here at Neptune. We've done a lot already, but I'm sure it will still be total madness the end of next week with prep for the visit.

Anyway, to get everyone up-to-speed on McCloud I thought I'd share some links so those interested can read up on him a bit more.

Recent interview on "The Believer."
Column on The Comics Journal.
37 Signals blog - comments & analysis of Understanding Comics
Webcomics Examiner interview
If you want to have a listen, here's a link to a speech Scott gave at MIT.
Long interview on popimage.
If you're more visual, here's Scott's Flicker page.

There you go - a few to get you started. I know I'm going to have to read a couple of these so that I'll have some good questions while he's here.

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