Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Welcome once again, fair readers, to my weekly installment of What You've Been Waiting For. This is a list of books that have gone longer than 6 weeks between issues. They are not all late - some are deliberately scheduled this way. But, unfortunately some are late.

This week we're getting the Outsiders Annual #1 (DC Comics). This is a "special" issue, so it almost doesn't count, except that the last regular issue came out on March 7th - putting a total of 7 weeks between this special and the last regular issue. Now it is quite likely that tomorrow was the date this annual was supposed to ship - but the gap between issues is worth noting.

There are two comics coming tomorrow that both had the previous issues come out back on February 28th. Bart Simpson Comics #35 (Bongo) and Justice #11 (DC Comics). I know Justice is an every-other-month comic book, and I believe that Bart Simpson is also, so these aren't late. It just takes longer than 7 weeks between issues.

Back on February 21st Se7en #3 (Zenescope) and Powers #23 (Marvel's Icon) came out. The follow up issues are finally arriving this week. Powers always takes a lot of time between issues. This is probably a big reason as to why we sell so many more trades than we do single issue comics of it. Se7en is another that comes out fairly infrequently. Zenescope has struggled with lateness lately - and they were the first publisher that was going to participate in Free Comic Book Day that cancelled their book.

Almost three months have gone by since the previous issues of Astro City Dark Age Book Two #2 (DC's Vertigo) and War of the Undead #2 (IDW) came out. Finally the next issues will be coming out tomorrow. Astro City is always late and I don't know WHY DC can't just get all of the series done before they put it into the Previews. War of the Undead had the first two issues come out only a few weeks apart, so I don't know what happened with this last issue.

What I'm reading:
52 WEEK #51
FANTASTIC FOUR #545 CWI (I picked this up with the anniversary issue and have liked it so far)
GREEN ARROW #73 (I don't usually read this one, but it's ending soon and there's a Black Canary story developing that I want to check out)
JUSTICE #11 (OF 12)
WISDOM #5 (OF 6)

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