Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Bad Signal

This is an exact quote of today's Bad Signal from Warren Ellis. I really thought it made some quick, good points so I'm posting it here.

Warren Ellis

Colleen Doran.
Carla Speed McNeil.
Renee French.
Svetlana Chmakova.
C Spike Trotman.
Gail Simone.
Shaenon Garrity.
Rachel Nabors.
Becky Cloonan.
Serena Valentino.
Marjane Satrapi.
Jessica Abel.
Laurenn McCubbin.
Queenie Chan.
Lia Fiengo.

If your issue is that there aren't enough female voices in the medium, I completely agree with you, and have been supporting female creators of gift for years for precisely this reason.

If your issue is that there aren't any female voices in the medium, then I commend this partial list, composed off the top of my head in two minutes, for your attention.

(I'd add Alison Bechdel and Arial Schrag, but I haven't read them, and I missed off others whose work I don't personally enjoy)

If your issue is that there aren't enough female voices writing your favourite corporate-owned
superhero titles, then, frankly, your problems are deeper and broader than you think.

Keep fighting. Keep kicking. But never, ever act like the women already working in the medium aren't there, just because they're not writing Batman or Supergirl.

(Heidi's going to keep talking about this at The Beat all week, I'm sure. Heidi, as an editor, did the heavy lifting when I wanted Colleen to work with me on ORBITER, and got Pia Guerra on Y. Of all the people going off over the role of gender in comics this week, Heidi's the one with
factory-floor experience.)

-- W

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