Friday, May 04, 2007

Sooooo Tired!

Because we've got Free Comic Book Day tomorrow and we're basically at the store all day during the week, Craig and I decided to see Spider-Man 3 at a midnight show last night/this morning. The movie runs about 150 minutes (2.5 hours) so it wasn't over until around 2:30 am. Then we have a 20 minute drive home and stuff - so it was after 3 am when we went to bed. Then we're up at 7:30 am for our regularly scheduled day. We had all kinds of stuff planned to do in preparation for FCBD after we closed for the evening, but we're tired and cranky. Oh So Tired! So, it looks like we'll probably just get some stuff done while we're open and then go home after closing and go to bed. Tomorrow we should be good as new. But WOW! We're really feeling old and tired today!

I think Craig is sleeping at the back computer desk right now!

We liked the movie, by the way. Except for a couple of things - the end was too rushed compared to the beginning and there should have been less singing and dancing by Kirsten and Toby. No wonder why they want to turn Spider-Man into a musical now - this one practically was. But the effects were great. The beginning did a great job of establishing characters and motivations. I especially loved how they did such a great job of making Aunt May's apartment look like an older lady really lived there. Still, Spider-Man 2 is probably my favorite.

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