Friday, June 15, 2007

3 Times More Amazing

Marvel is making some changes to it's Spider-Man comic book line-up, according to Newsarama's coverage of WW Philly. Steve Wacker, one of Marvel's editors, announced that after the One More Day Spider-Man story Amazing Spider-Man will have three issues come out per month.

Now, according to the news, that doesn't mean that Spidey fans are buying more issues. Marvel is also ending Sensational Spider-Man and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. So, if you bought all of the Spider-Man comics before, you won't be spending less, but you won't be spending more. However, for those of you who only picked up Amazing, this is probably all your fault. See, the sales numbers on the other two comics, especially after the whole "The Other" crossover ended, really went down. Even trying the whole black suit thing didn't seem to help pick those numbers back up. But Amazing Spider-Man has always sold well. So, why print one good selling comic and too poorly selling ones when you could just do one, print it three times a month, and actually end up selling MORE comics?

It sounds like the new Amazing will have multiple writers and artists working on it - and it better because I don't think there's anyone left at Marvel who could get out three comics a month on his own. Wacker does say that the biggest pitfall of this is getting it out on time, because once one gets behind the whole thing falls apart. But don't worry Wacker - JQ doesn't mind. As long as the checks keep comin' he'll let that train go right off the rails. He'll just release an announcement that Amazing is going back to monthly - easy to fix. The press release is probably already written (the one thing they'd be sure to do ahead of time).

And the interview ends with Wacker saying that some of the events from the Spider-Man FCBD book will be followed up in the Amazing series.

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