Monday, June 18, 2007

Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 - Preview

Newsarama has a preview of a couple of pages and the cover for Flash #13.

Lying in the Gutters announces that Wally & Family are returning too.

There was an interesting discussion among some comic book store owners about this - and how DC's big event will translate to the non-comic reading public. The argument was that the average person doesn't care one whit about Bart Allen, but that they did care about Steve Rogers.

Personally, I think that the average person off of the street cares about either - because they don't know the character's identities - they only know the iconic names. Death of Captain America is going to hit home a lot more than Death of Steve Rogers.

But, will Death (if he dies) of The Flash have the same kind of importance to the general public that Captain America did? Will it, if it's a slow news day, end up on the CNN News crawl? I'm thinking it won't. Sure, it will have a broader appeal to old Flash fans who maybe haven't read an issue in a while, but I don't think I'll get people calling all day asking me to hold a copy - at least not people who don't ordinarily buy comics. Superman was able to garner this kind of attention back in the 1990's - but I don't think DC could pull it off with that same character again, and I doubt that many other DC characters have similar mass-appeal. This Flash issue, to me, seems like more of a thing for comic book readers than the mass public. What do you think?

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James Meeley said...

I think this could have been more, if DC had played up it's timing closer to something it could have fed it into (like when the Flash tv series was released on DVD). Something that could have helped tie it to something the mainstream media might have wanted to pick up on.

But, as it stands, it's just going to be, as you noted, something special for the comic readers we already have. Granted, it will sell better and have more back issue demand potential, than a lot of other DC and Marvel books will, due to this, but it's not going to be the "media monster" Cap's death was.