Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Incredible Hulk - He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

So the day ends, with World War Hulk #1 being our top selling comic book of the day. Looks like the green face paint and cookies worked! Everyone seemed to have lots of fun and people got a good laugh out of Craig and my "look" for the party. We even had one customer say, "You guys are SO awesome!" We had one of the highest visitor counts of any Wednesday this year - We tied Captain America #25 Death of day, and the only day this year that was higher was 5/2 - the Wednesday before Free Comic Book Day. Why 5/2? No idea, I can't seem to find any especially big book - it must have been the publicity we were doing before FCBD and probably people thinking we'd have free movie passes for Spider-Man 3, which we didn't end up getting.

Be sure to check my Flickr link and hopefully this weekend KellyAnn can get the pictures up on the Neptune website too (unless, she's too busy selling more comics - then she doesn't have to)


James Meeley said...

Lisa: Glad to see your own little "mini-event" was so well received.

It makes me wonder, though.... just what are your plans for the shop when the Transformers movie hits?

Lisa said...

We're hoping to be able to get pre-screening tickets. That's about it. Now, if we could have Prime come beat some people over the head, that'd be pretty cool!