Thursday, June 07, 2007

Odd Day

It's been a strange day in the store today. Almost like a Monday in terms of traffic into the store - a lot of lookers and not a lot of regulars. I think it's because of this "horrible storm" the news is trying to convince us we're going to have. It looks like the western part of the state will get it the worst and then it went more north as it moved east, so I think we will get some rain and possibly some winds, but that's probably it. Just enough to mess up the DirectTV for a bit.

But even though it's been a bit slow in the store today, I do feel like I've gotten some things done. I read most of my list of comics that I was going to read. I added some products to the Neptune Cafe' Press store, I responded to a lot of people who have been discussing POWER in Comics, I did some research into on-line community site hosts, I answered questions for another guy working on opening his own brick and mortar comic book store, I added some new stuff into the computer... lots of little things.

We are getting some final pieces into place for our Welcome Back Hulk Party for next week, so that's fun.

And our Onion News ad rep claims to be working on getting us sneak peak tickets for Transformers - so hopefully that pans out.

We put in an order for some upcoming DVD's to sell in the store - like "300" and "Superman Doomsday Animated."

We waited for a call from the guy who is supposed to help us convert our current inventory and POS systems from DOS to windows - but he never called. So sadly the wait continues on that front.

Yeah - I guess that's about it.

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