Thursday, June 28, 2007

P.O.W.E.R. of Independence - Action Plan


Next week we celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S. I thought this would be a good way to kick off a group action: a list of recommended independent comics/graphic novels we like, created by women and minorites. These should be comics/graphic novels that are still in print and readily available.

We would then take the list and publish it on our blogs, send it to our local newspapers and some of the internet news sites, give it to local comic book and book stores and libraries and suggest that they dedicate an endcap or display to these great independent comics and comic creators for the week of Independence Day.

I can write up a form letter and press release that everyone interested can use as their template for the activity - if anyone else would also like to write one up, please do. Just let me know that you're volunteering.

Everyone interested should submit at least one comic book or graphic novel they like that is independently published and created (artist, writer or both) by a woman and/or minority. If we could get the list together by Saturday that would be ideal. Then we'd have Sunday and Monday to get the lists out into our local and internet communities so that it'd be out before July 4th.
--for our purposes indie books are any not published by: Marvel and DC.

If you are not in the U.S. that doesn't mean you can't participate! Please still submit your favorite indie works by women and minorities. Also, you can stll use the list and customize the form letter to make it more appropriate to your area of the world.

Feel free to spread the word on this call to aciton on your blogs as well - the more that participate the better!


Biby Cletus said...

Hello, i just surfed in searching for interesting blogs on new seven wonders of the world, you have a cool blog. Do keep up the good work. i live far from where you are and its nice to be able to see what people from across the world thinks.

Warm Regards from the Other Side of the Moon.

On a related note perhaps you might find the following links interesting. we're reviewing the best among the competing 21 participants for the new 7 wonders competition. i'll like to hear your take on the subject via comments. i'll be back soon...

The Kremlin and the Red Square
Angkor Wat
Eiffel Tower
Hagia Sophia

ps. if you have your own favourites list or if you'd like us to write about other wonders pls do mention about it in the comments.


Kerala, India

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! And lots of information too. Very nice. I checked out the rest of the blog too - some fun, cool stuff there. Thanks for sending me some links. I like the Red Square the best so far.