Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even HOG's Love Comics!

Harley Davidson, the Milwaukee Wisconsin based manufacturer of motorcycles, is financially backing a new comic book project. The comic book, called Johnny Delgado is Dead, is published by TopCow (Image) and owned by Spacedog Entertainment, and will debut next week at the SanDiego Comic Con.

The comic's story, "centers on two childhood friends who are bound by the code of brotherhood, loyalty...and fate. Closer than brothers, one is destined to die and the other to secure justice as a tale of corruption and murder along the U.S./Mexican border unfolds," according to the press release on Comic Book Resources.

"The lead characters in the story, Johnny Delgado and Victor Reyes, personify the Harley-Davidson brand through their adventurous spirit and rebel attitudes. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, the young boys stayed off the streets by helping out at the local motorcycle shop where they gained their love of bikes and the freedom of the open road. We initially approached Harley-Davidson because our hero is a modern day Zorro and today Zorro's steed would be a Harley. Nothing else would have made sense," says Roger Mincheff, CEO & President of Spacedog Entertainment. "There are brands that define a lifestyle. As our relationship developed, Harley's rich brand helped us further develop the richness of our hero. The ability to use that image lends authenticity to the lifestyle portrayed in this story.""After reviewing the project, we knew it was something that Harley-Davidson needed to support," says Matt Schmidt, Entertainment Marketing Project Manager at Harley-Davidson. "The theme of brotherhood is at the heart of our brand."

Now, I'm not sure to what extent Harley is involved in the project. It may just have given the OK to the book's owners over at Spacedog permission to use the likenesses of their motorcycles and logos. Or, their might be more to it. Maybe advertising by Harley in the comic?

Either way, Harley is a pretty big deal out here, since it's a locally based company. It will be interesting to see if Harley does any kind of promotion via their businesses or the H.O.G. or other venues that drives people interested in this comic book into comic book stores.

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