Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter Festivities

This week will involve a LOT of Harry Potter party prep.

We should be getting the books in the next couple of days - and they must be sealed and hidden until midnight on July 21st. The email we received from the distributor was all very cloak-and-dagger about the secrecy of the book. So, I was surprised to find several web sites showing all of the covers, like this one. I don't know which we're getting yet. And we don't know if we're getting too many and we'll have a stack left over, or if we're not getting enough and we'll sell out right away. We have done publicity for it, and according to my sources we're the first book release party in Waukesha (city, not county), so we'll have a jump on our sales. Personally, I'd love to sell out on Saturday. Not necessarily at the party - it would be fine if we had just a few left once that's over, so we wouldn't have to turn anyone away. But by the end of closing on Saturday's regular hours if we sold out I'd be completely happy with it, since I'm sure that the longer we have copies the harder they'll be to sell, with just about every major retailer that ever carried a singe book having it in stock too.

I'm starting to really look forward to the party. We'll have the school banners hung, several prize drawings, a Bertie Botts Jelly Belly contest, a fortune teller, and even some conjurers. It should really be fun! If I can find a place to get dry ice I'd like to make a punch and use the dry ice to make it all spooky. I wanted to make myself a cape, but we just got too busy doing house stuff. We hope to have lots of people in costume - if we do we'll have a drawing that only they can enter for an extra special prize. Then at midnight we'll have a grand ceremony as we bring out the hidden copies of the book and hand them out to eager buyers. It should be great fun and I'll be sure to post pictures afterwards. If you're in the area I hope you'll stop in.

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