Saturday, July 21, 2007

HP Potter Pictures

Here are a few. I'm uploading them all to Flickr momentarily.

We also had a photo in today's local newspaper (Waukesha Freeman)!!

Overall the party was quite fun and everyone said they had a great time and that their experience at our party was much more fun and easy than what they'd went through at the major book store events for Harry Potter in years past.

If we'd sold about 5 - 6 more books I'd have considered it a complete success. We did sell a book today, so hopefully we can still sell those additional books in the next few days. Still, this was our first regular (non-comic) event and we managed to pull in both regular customers and several new people, which was very nice. And we sold a substantial number of books, even though I'd have liked to sell just a few more. Still, for a little comic book store in the suburbs to have a party for a main-stream book, I'd say we did pretty dang well. Just about everyone tried the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Bean contest (second picture from top is someone tasting an unfortunate flavor). We gave away prizes, had some performers do fortune telling and other magical tricks. And at the stroke of midnight all wizards waved their wants and counted down as the books suddenly were released from their magical spell and could be purchased.

Thanks to everyone who came out! I hope you had a great time, and are already enjoying your copy of the book. If you didn't make it out, we do still have a few copies left, so stop in and pick yours up.


James Meeley said...

But here's the real question, Lisa: Did you sell any comics at the party or create any new comic readers.

I know this was supposed to be all for Harry Potter, but as any good businessperson will tell you, it doesn't hurt if you can get them into something else, other than what they came for. ;)

Lisa said...

We sold a couple of our "mixed bag" comics that are either DC or Marvel mixed PG & all age comics 12 for $5 (just overstock stuff). And a few other comics too. People did look at the comics, but I think most people were focusing their money on buying the HP book. Especially since ours was $28 (20% off cover) while most other stores had it for $17 - $20.

We did give every shopper a free comic book coupon as well as a coupon for 10% off of their next purchase in our store. We'll see if anything comes from those.