Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Marvel-Ous Stamps

Last year the Postal Service did DC Comic Book stamps. This spring there were Star Wars stamps. This week will debut the Marvel Comics stamps.

The 20-stamp set premieres Thursday, July 26th. Plan now to get some from your local post office.

The 41-cent stamps honor the creations of Marvel Comics, and also include Sub-Mariner, The Thing, Captain America, the Silver Surfer, the Spider-Woman, the Invincible Iron Man, Elektra and Wolverine. In addition, 10 of the stamps highlight covers of comic books featuring the characters.

I wish I lived in Williamsport PA, because their post office is doing a whole big thing for the stamps, including give-aways and an artist on-hand to sign stuff. Click here to read about the event.

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