Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Here we are again - another New Comics Wednesday is right around the corner. There are so many comics these days, it gets hard to figure out what comes out when. This is made even trickier when things run late.

These are the comics coming out this week that have had prior issues take 7 weeks or longer to come out. Some are late, some are REALLY late, and others are just scheduled with longer gaps between issues.

Three comics this week just make the cut-off: Wolverine #55 (Marvel), Star Wars Knights of the Old Repblic #18 (Dark Horse) and Deathblow #6 (DC/Wildstorm) all had their prior issues come out back on 5/31. (a Thursday, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday)

Going 8 weeks between issues, having had their previous issues come out 5/23 are Testament #19 (DC/Vertigo) and Futurama Comics #32 (Bongo). Futurama typically goes every other month, so this isn't really off schedule.

The Big Two are definately on this week's list, if you haven't already noticed. Marvel's Mighty Avengers #4 comes out this week, with the previous issue having come out May 16th. Issue #4 was ordered in April, so we should have seen it in June. DC's Batman #666 and Really Late (All-Star) Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #6 both come out this week. We saw those previous issues on May 16th also. Batman was ordered back in March, so we should have seen it in May. All-Star is quasi on-time, if you disregard the fact that issue #5 took an entire year to come out and #6 had to be resolicited. I've not heard reports on Jim Lee's status on art for issue #7, so we'll see how long we go before that one comes out.

This one seems odd - Marvel's All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #3 (of 4) is coming out tomorrow, and the prior issue came out back on May 2. It was ordered in May, so it probably isn't late, but I don't know why there would be such a big gap between these issues.

Simpsons Classics #13 (Bongo) is another one of those comics that only comes out every few months. It's a larger format comic book with a heftier price, so I'm fine with it only coming out every 3 months. Issue #12 came out 4/25.

Marvel, Marvel, Marvel... They go a few weeks without a single comic making my list, and then suddenly they've got one way toward the late end of things. This week Onslaught Reborn #4 is hitting shelves. The prior issue came out way back on March 7th. Issue #4 was ordered WAY back in December '06 - so we technically should have seen it back in February.

And the latest of the late comics this week is Tron #4 (SLG Publishing/Disney). I'm sure folks figured the series was already done because the previous issue came out way back on January 17th.

Let me just note that fact that this is a HUGE week for us in terms of product. There are several statues/mini busts, action figures, a bunch of trade paperbacks, and new issues of Previews and Wizard. We're getting over double our usual number of boxes - and our dollar total for the invoice is also about double. If you want to see our full shipping list, head over to our web site's new book list page.

What I'm reading this week: (of course I have to get caught up first)
BLACK SUMMER #1 (OF 7) (it's Warren Ellis week - he's got a graphic and regular novel out this week too)
DOKTOR SLEEPLESS #1 (also a Warren Ellis comic)
TEEN TITANS #49 ('cause it's an Amazon's Attack X-Over, plus I must prepare for the coming of McKeever)

And tonight after we close we're going to Best Buy to pick up a copy of Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's!!! Awww Yeah!!


James Meeley said...

But here's the big question: Does the release of ASBAR #6 tomorrow mean it can no longer be claim to be an "annual" release? ;)

Lisa said...

I would say yes to that, James. Unless, of course, it takes a year from today for #7 to come out. That would make #6's speedy arrival just a fluke and we'd be back on annual status. But then, if they get #8 out that same year... maybe we should just call it semi-annual. We get two a year.