Friday, July 13, 2007

Woman Down! Woman Down!

Poor Kelly Ann, our fantastic Neptune Comics employee, customer, and web guru has fallen, and, for now, she can't get up. (no, it wasn't a Friday the 13th accident - it happened a couple of days ago)

She fell off her horse and should have landed normally, like she's done dozens of times, but instead she didn't land right and broke her leg. Her tibia (shin bone), to be exact. Her leg is horribly painful and swollen, and she's not to put weight on it. But thankfully she told us today that she can finally move her toes, and that the specialist says the bone is aligned and stable, so hopefully it stays that way and she can heal quickly.

You can read her version of the accident on her livejournal. Feel free to wish her well there, or here, as she does check out my blog from time to time.

Hang in there KA!! And get well soon.

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Devil Doll said...

Hee! I like the picture! Thanks for the well-wishes!