Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Liberation Day

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Craig coming to work at Neptune full-time, after having been fully liberated from his pharmaceutical sales job and all of it's stresses.

There have been ups and downs, and sometimes we get under each other's skin. But mainly it's been nice to have him here and be able to really work together to grow the store.

Financially we're not as well off, of course, but we still pay our bills. As the store continues to grow (we had our best July this year, and it was significantly better than last year) we'll do better with our business and personal cash flow, and maybe even hire another employee at some point.

Thanks to all of you who support our store! You've made it possible for us to stay in business and keep a roof over our heads while working here full-time.


Ben from Arizona said...

Congratulations Craig for doing what I hope I get the nuts to do some day!! In the past year it is simply AMAZING what you two have accomplished: new commercials, remodeling of the store, bringing in QUALITY talent for signings/readings, gaining more and more customers through your easy-to-navigate store and ULTRA-friendly customer service. Through you guys, I've gained SO MUCH respect for the small business owner and I hope that some day, if I were ever to run my own store, be it comic books or whatever, that it is run with the kind of professionalism and customer appreciation that you guys do at Neptune! I will always continue to buy my high-end products from you (as I don't trust anyone else), and I wish nothing but good things for your store as you expand and kick the crap out of your local competition. All hail Neptune!

Lisa said...

Aw shucks! Thanks Ben.