Friday, August 17, 2007

Modified Figures

It seems that modified action figures are becoming more and more the rage. Wired magazine did an article about customized super hero action figures yesterday. There are even custom figure cons and competitions. It has been done for some time now, but lately the broader media seems to have finally caught on.

We have a customer who does his own customs - the two pictures with this post are just two of the ones he's done. Pictured are a customized Batman (Hush Batman and Punisher. Body: DCSH Batman with black wash. Cape: Leather) and "Dark Knight" Joker (Head: Sculpted Aragorn. Body: DCSH Clark Kent.) and a Cable (head Cable fig, body from a Punisher fig) - click to enlarge.

Personally, I don't have the time to do something like this. But, they do look cool when they're finished.


munkeyboy said...

I have a little rant of my own about toys and have compiled some links I thought were good. They aren't modifications but I do have some papercraft links.


Lisa said...

Great piece you wrote. They even have toys in Previews that run $60 and up, and some vinyl figs that the buyer paints themselves that are fairly pricey too. Like comics, toys seem to have grown up as we have.

munkeyboy said...

Thanks for the nice words. I always feel weird putting some of my opinions out there.

One thing that I like is on the Kid Robot site they have a user gallery where you can upload our own pictures. When you buy the DIY toys they come with little sketchbooks so you can plan your ideas, or just use them as coloring books.