Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Lead Figures Coming

There is a company in the U.K. called Eaglemoss that got licensing to make these cool Marvel figures. For a long time it was believed that they'd never come to the U.S. Mainly because they're made of lead - and we fear lead here in the states. But they started coming over early this year and we got some for the store. We never expected them to be as popular as they have been, and we continue to sell out and restock on them. I think we've got 30 of the total set here in the U.S. now, with 4 more coming in next week's Diamond shipment - that should put us nearly 1/2 way through the total set (unless they continue to make more Marvel ones too).

Then I was given some good news from a customer - Eaglemoss is going to be doing a DC set too. I am sure these will be quite popular as well, and we're looking forward to them eventually making their way to the U.S. They don't have any dates for release yet, and I don't know how long it will take between U.K. release and U.S. release, so it might be a while yet. But you DC fans who have been longinly looking at the Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk and wishing for a Batman and Flash, fear not, your day will eventually arrive.

Thanks Jake!!

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