Monday, August 06, 2007

Ralph McQuarrie - Only 2 Per Case

Customer, "When are you guys getting more Star Wars 30th Anniversary Figures in?"

Craig, "I don't know when the next set is coming."

Customer, "I'm looking for the earlier sets."

Craig, looking at the large display of earlier sets of Star Wars 30th figures, "We've got a bunch over here, which ones are you looking for?"

Customer, "I need the McQuarrie Chewbacca and Boba Fett."

Craig, sighing, "We're all sold out of those and won't be getting any more."

The point of this story - to let people know that we only get a couple of each figure in a case of these Star Wars 30th Anniversary Figures. We can't keep ordering them if we're only going to sell two figures, the McQuarries, per case. We just can't afford it. And we don't get to order a case of McQuarries. So, if people don't buy the others we've got, there won't, because we can't afford it, be MORE of them. And I highly doubt that if we sold the McQuarries for the cost of the case of figures, in order to cover our losses, that people would buy them.

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